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Betty Ford Alpine Gardens - The World's highest botanic garden at 8,200 feet. 

Butterfly Pavilion - 6252 West 104th Ave. Westminster, CO 80020

Colorado State Noxious Weed List - External link to USDA website

CSU Extension Certified Gardener Digital Badge Program - External link to their website

CSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

CSU "Best of" Trials - Annual Trial Garden at Colorado State University

CSU Extension - Expert Gardening Advice - Website

                                 2015 Native Plant Master Program, Metro-to-Mountain Group CLASSES

Denver Botanic Gardens - Denver, CO

Desert Canyon Farm - Blog

GreenCO - Green Industries of Colorado  Green Pages Membership Directory

                      2015 ALCC  Best Management Practices Training and Testing: Registration and Information

Herb Herbert - Traditional Herbs

Hudson Gardens and Event Center

Insect and Spider Identification - For the casual observer

Plant Select - Durable plants for the Colorado region-Website

                           2015 Plant Select Guide to Plants: "Wind. Hail. Snow. Sun. Bring it On!"

Plant Talk - Provides reliable, timely information on more than 500 horticultural topics.

ProGreen Expo Conference and Trade Show

Proven Winners - Looking for plants you can trust to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden?

Ride the Wave - Wave Petunias

Simply Beautiful - Ideas for your garden

Stepables - Tough little perennials that are transforming everyday yards one “spot” at a time.

TGC Academy - Courses provide invaluable training, skill practice, and techniques to reinforce powerful concepts of customer service and effective management.  (GCC Member Discount) 

Vail Nature Center - Walking Mountains Science Center partners with the Vail Recreation District to provide world-class programming.

Member Resources

New video from C.S.U. Extension on detecting Emerald Ash Borer

Presentations and links from Plant Diagnostic Clinic 7/9/14

 Dr. Whitney Cranshaw's presentations and links:

Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Use Characteristics – and Intersections with Pollinators

Spottedwing  drosophilid

The publications and links to the talks are all found at the Insect Information Web Site:

The following are 3 items in the subheading “Bees” that are particularly appropriate for the bees/neonicotinoid talk:

A ranking on the use by honey bees (or not) of flowering ornamental plants is at:

An excellent Extension publication on attracting/conserving/enhancing native pollinators is at:

A general publication on protecting pollinators from pesticide applications is at:

Related to emerald ash borer, there is a separate subheading “Emerald Ash Borer” and most everything there is of potential use to the Garden Centers.  However, a couple of things are worth particular note:

The EAB Risk Zones map maintained by the Colorado Department of Agriculture:

A questions and answers publication on EAB:

A Colorado developed review of  EAB control options:

A Midwestern Extension publication that tries to address the issues of potential non-target effects of EAB insecticides:

While at the Insect Information Web Site folks might want to check out the “Bug Mugs” sheets which we distribute to county Extension offices to help identify the most common insects that come into county offices:

Also there are about 200 sheets on various arthropods at:


Click here for Kathleen Alexander's presentation on Emerald Ash Borer

 Emerald Ash Borer Update

Emerald Ash Borer Decision Guide

Japanese Beetle in Colorado - Laura Pottorff, Colorado Department of Agriculture