How to Become a Member

Join Garden Centers of Colorado

  • Who is eligible?
    Any independently owned and/or operated garden center store
  • Membership year runs from July 1 to June 30
  • Board approval at the next regular scheduled board meeting
  • Additional member benefits Membership Benefits
  • Membership categories:
  • Trial Member - a trial period for up to 1 year for those who meet active membership requirements-dues are $150
  • Active Member - primary activity is in the business of selling lawn and garden products and having a definite location of business with appropriate facilities to properly care and display plant material and lawn & garden products sold to the consumer, must have been in business for one year, and pay dues based on total annual sales:
  • less than $1.5 million in sales-dues are $285
  • more than $1.5 million in sales-dues are $555
  • Multiple Active Member - a company that has 5 or more location and has $5 Million or more per store location in sales-dues are $2080
  • Associate Member -business allied to selling lawn & garden products to the consumer-dues are $315
  • Educational Member -persons engaged in teaching or research of lawn & garden products at a school of higher education-dues are $100
  • Honorary Member -nominated by an active member and having rendered outstanding service to the association-no dues
  • Student Member - person actively enrolled in an accredited school of higher education majoring in retailing of lawn & garden products to the consumer-dues are $20
  • Supplier Member - company actively selling product to independent Garden Centers in Colorado. This position is approved by the GCC Board upon a vote- dues are $315
  • Get an application: Call the office at 303-850-7589 for an application form or download it here.

To charge your membership renewal, call 303-850-7589